My Plea to David Stern.

Mr Stern,

I can not take this any longer. I just can’t. I have dealt with so much of this lockout junk that I can’t even look you in the eyes -well, the screen- anymore.

Let’s just be honest here- it’s evident that you could care less about how long getting this together will take. As long as you’re being paid to do your job (which you are not doing incredibly well),  this doesn’t really matter much to you, does it?

But that’s fine, whatever. The real kicker here is how you have not shown our millions and millions of fans an ounce of respect, and the respect that we wholeheartedly deserve. It’s not funny to play with someone’s mind like this and we all know that you’re going to continue without a care, mainly because you’re still going home to sit your butt on your golden throne every night.

I understand that perhaps this isn’t all your fault, and it’s not time to play the blame game (as much as I would love to); the problem is you could be a vital part in this process, but it seems like your passion for basketball is non existent. Every time you speak regarding the lockout all I hear is “Blah blah blah, ehhh whatever.” I don’t want an apology, I want action.

I’m taking this very personally. Basketball, specifically the NBA, is a huge part of my 17 year old life. Ever since we moved back to America where I could watch games at reasonable times, I’ve been desperately trying to get my hands on everything basketball that I can. But without having games to watch it makes it so much harder to fill my basketball wants. No, needs.

Plenty of my friends are recognizing my distress and have tried to comfort me with “Don’t worry, Lauren! There’s always college ball!” Yes, this is a true statement however it doesn’t even relate. Yes, the same sport is played. But no, one cannot and WILL not replace the other.  The NBA is so much more than college ball with so much more at stake, with better players, better coaches, trades, arenas, and more die-hard fans. It’s a completely different atmosphere.

And I love it.

So I’m begging you Mr. Stern, absolutely begging you, to put your heart and soul into uniting the owners and players to save my season. You know what’s interesting about this? I’m not the only one out there who needs this season. I guarantee that.


peace, ballin’ & can you please figure this out?




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