The Big Three Love Affair- Preparing for the Messy Breakup

We all know that it’s just a matter of time before the Celtic’s Big Three- Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett– part ways. Watching the heart and soul of Boston disintegrate will be tough, but perhaps there are a few players who can help pick up the pieces.

Let’s take a look at a couple of candidates that we could swing in.

1. Dwight Howard. (aka, PERFECTION)

Coming from the Magic, Howard is perhaps the best center in the NBA right now, and the C’s definitely need a strong center to keep them rivaling with everyone else. He’s tall and big, swift and incredibly athletic, smart and clean. Not to mention he averages 18.2 PPG and that’s not far from Pierce or Allen.

But let’s be honest here- this may be a bit too far fetched. We don’t know if C’s aren’t Howard’s first choice- in fact there could very well be many other teams that come way before us. Maybe we could pull off some crazy trade or whip out some dough? Eh…

2. Monta Ellis

As you know, we’re looking to renew and regenerate the team. The Celtics are getting old, y’all. It’s time to bring in the youngens like Monta Ellis (25) who we know that a) can be with us for years to come and b) continue to improve over the years. Yes, he is fairly small in comparison to the rest of the players we could choose from (plus his tats are just plain ugly), but his PPG is JUST what we need- last season he avg 24.1 which is ten points over Rondo. Oh yeah baby, oh yeah.

3. Andrew Bynum

I’m not too hot on this choice, but I do have hope that it could work considering he’s a free agent in 2012 (IF THIS LOCKOUT EVER ENDS UGHHH).

He’s definitely advanced in regards to his coordination and physical abilities, that’s a given. He averages just a little over Rondo’s PPG at 14.4, so he could be there to cover Rondo’s weak spots when needed. Not to mention he avg almost 10 RPG which is about twice as much as any of the big three last season, and if you haven’t heard, the C’s are the WORST in the league when it comes to rebounds. Isn’t that disgusting?! Considering how good we are with the worst rank of rebound avgs, if we focused on getting those rebounds we could be dangerous.  D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S. In that sense we definitely need a guy like him.

There’s a plethora of choices. It just takes time, skill, smarts, and quite possibly a big fat stack of cash to get what we want.

The Big Three’s run has been a grand one, but if we want to keep the Celtics towards the top of the game, we’re going to have to make some changes. But you know what? I trust Danny Ainge.

peace, support our troops & why are the lakers’ jerseys so cool?



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