Hard cap, soft cap? I love frozen youghurt. Deron Williams, come back!

I sincerely apologize for the gap in posts. Senior year has definitely been crazier than expected. Elaboration:

– AP Econ, AP Calculus, and AP English are actually kinda hard. Like, really.

– Work. Booking up with shoots (to clarify, I mean photo shoots, not anything potentially criminalizing).

– A loved one passed away from cancer so that has been rough for our family.

– I’m only trying to figure out the world’s problems. Like, wuht?

Since I refused to talk about the lockout (it’s been too emotionally draining for me), I’ve realized I’ve been at a loss for words. Absolute writers block. But, today when I should have been moving my clothes from the washer to the dryer (I always forget to do that) I sat down at the kitchen table and tried to write a list of things I could chat about. Eh, we’ll see how this goes. Lockout? Yes.

I read a quote from Mr. Derek Fisher who is NBA Players Association president right now. He said something that I thought was pretty smart:

“ It is my belief that if they can get us to be short-sighted and agree to an unfair deal they won’t have to share more revenue amongst themselves. They will have gotten what they need from us. We can’t allow that to happen guys. Not under any circumstances.”

Now, I’m not going to take any sides.  I think it’s a two way street. No one is going to “win,” but if no one “wins,” no one can lose either, right? However, I do believe that team owners are getting too nit-picky about this whole ordeal. EVERYONE has to take a blow no matter what and at this point it’s inevitable. Can’t we all just get along?

As Derek Fisher (of the LA Lakers) fights for unison and patience, he has also brought up in his arguments that without the players on their side, the owners really have, well, nada… Yes, that is common sense. Who’s going to play if the players aren’t playing? But there is so, so much more to it than solely a lack of a team.

The NBA is a business- a big, fat, business. Theses franchises only work because the players are out there receiving endorsements and getting people to follow them, getting people to come to their games.  As you may or may not know, this lockout is making the move overseas a much bigger option- and people are taking it. Ex. Deron Williams to Turkey. And as of right now, he’s got 59 guys who have either joined or might be joining the “let’s jump the boat” club.

Dangit, COME BACK!

This is no fun. It’s like watching my home fall apart piece by piece, player by player, team by stupid team.

Supposedly the players’ union has offered to reduce its percentage to as much as 54%, with the condition of the agreement that a system would be put in place to reward the players if revenue increased when the season actually started. The owners agreed to try and come up with a solution to avoid a hard salary cap by the next meeting, but last year they lost about $300 million. So we’ll see how “soft” that cap can actually be.

Two weeks ago Billy Hunter cautioned players that they might have to be willing to give up half of the next season to get a deal that does not include a hard cap.  So long story short:

Things are messy.

I guess we’ll see, eh?


peace, blessings, & why can’t we be friends…is stuck in my head- dang lockout,



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