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Thanks for all the concern everyone…but I’ll be okay. Sooner or later.

As you may or may not have heard, my very own Jimmer Fredette got engaged over the weekend. Simultaneously, he broke my heart.

My dear friends, you have been fully supportive of me and I wholeheartedly appreciate that. I know each and every one of you are thinking “What a jerk! After all you two have been through together, and considering how serious you were, he goes and marries some CHEERLEADER? What a cruel soul!”

But I would like to tell you all, that life will go on for me.

I have realized that maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t my one and only. And you know what? I’m okay with that.

I’m okay with the fact that I’ll only be able to see him through a screen. I’m okay with the fact that he chose a cheerleader over me. I’m okay with the fact that I’ll just have to be satisfied with the cardboard cut-out of him in my room. Because I am a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man!

The point is, it’s Jimmer‘s loss. Right? Someone please tell me I’m right or else things could get really awkward…

I don’t know what else to say about this, but I need a rebound. Blake Griffin, anyone?

Here is a picture to lighten the crappy mood I’m in:

peace, cheerleaders ruin my life & broken hearts,



Green lights, fights and bites.

Watch this video. It is priceless.

So everyone has been in China. Well, not everyone, but the majority of people that I care about. Okay maybe just Paul Piere (Yao is there too but let’s just be honest here- do we really care about him that much?). And I’m jellin’ over here because I wish I was chillin’ in China with The Truth. and eating chinese food STAY FOCUSED LAUREN.

But anywhoozle, speaking of Paul Pierce, and the C’s, and basketball shoes, check out these. As of right now I think these are the coolest kicks ever- the Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfly, and Paul Pierce wears them. HAWT.

On a more…uncivilized note, I was watching the video of the Chinese team and Georgetown team fighting and all I could do was sit there and laugh/grimace/say “what the heck is going on?” It got me interested in other brawls that have gone on in basketball history, so I googled it and I found an awesome countdown of the top 24 Wildest Fights in NBA History. There were some good ones on there! My personal fave has gotta be Danny Ainge (of course) vs. Tree Rollins. This is what I think about it.

1) Basic overview: Rollins nails Ainge with his elbow and Ainge tried to get him to the ground for revenge. Well, Rollins got the best of it and ended up biting Ainge’s finger. Proceed to make Mike Tyson jokes about biting opponent’s body parts.

2) Someone please tell me why on earth he is called “Tree.”

3) Danny, you were a thin white guy. Did you think you had a large chance?

Sometimes the ‘professionals’ act more crazy than just us normal folks!

peace, rockin’ kicks & mike tyson,