Funny story… I’m a freak.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the rec center that is close to our house here in Utah, and my little sister came with to shoot hoops and help me practice by getting my rebounds. We had been there for about half an hour, and a bunch of other guys had started filling up the various courts. A huge guy (he actually looked like a younger version of Jeff Green) came up to me and was like “Hey do you wanna play four on four with us?” and I said “Sure!”

So naturally we got talking, and he motions over to my little sister and goes “Is that yo’ baby girl?” and I’m like “Well she’s actually my sister!” and laughed nervously. Then he goes


Ahh freak. Why does this happen to me. Awky awk.

Something else that is SO weird: Today I noticed that every time I make a lay up, I hold my breath until I come back from the shot then let out a weird breath sound. It’s just…weird. Weird weird weird. I hope no one else notices because it’s freaking me OUT.

Just to add to the weirdness factor of this post, here is a shirtless, 17 year old Lebron James in a cornfield.

peace, shirtless Lebron pictures & people thinking you’re engaged,



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