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FHDSKLGJHFSKJL Can’t we all just be friends?

I was checking out Bleacher Report a few minutes ago and guess what I realized? This lockout is crapping up everything. EV-ER-Y-THANG. First Deron Williams, and now Kobe wants to go to Turkey?! What is this, everyone is jumping the boat. This season is going to suck and Jimmer won’t get his time to shine. I feel bad for all the recent draft picks, their first season is going to be horrific if even that and they won’t get a good chance to come in and show their stuff.

This made my day. I found on BR the top 20 Players of the Game (of all time!) and guess who wasn’t on there?! LEBRON JAMES. baaaaahaaaaa, suckah. But Dirk Nowitzki was number 12 which I thought was impressive for a German (don’t get me wrong, I love me some Germands). If you wanna look check it out! I thought it was a good mix, plus Larry Bird was number three and that always rocks.

Well, I don’t have anything to write about because I’m still depressed about the lockout. Maybe latah. Here’s a picture to make things less depressing:

peace, no Lebron, & depression,



My Favourite NBA Nicknames

“Big Baby” Davis

“Boobie” – Daniel Gibson

The Enormous Mormon – Shawn Bradley

Joel “The Vanilla Gorilla” Przybilla

And that is my thought of the day. As well as the fact that I believe Phil Jackson is… a character. Merci beaucoup.

peace, munchie/la la (my nicknames!) & family reunions,


As long as I play ball, I can get any woman I want. – Dennis Rodman

This summer I’ve had a rough time not being able to watch my weekly Celtics game and what not. It’s been hard. But now that I’ve found the NBA Hardwood Classics channel, I’ve begun to appreciate basketball on a much deeper level. Not just the current “Who is the biggest, bestest beast right NOW?”

Basketball has it’s own history, and though I know a fair bit about players from ‘back in the day,’ watching them play in their element creates a whole new way of understanding them. You don’t get half the feel of the player from just studying their wikipedia page.

A couple of days ago I was watching an old Allstar game, and I was particularly fascinated with one person- Dennis Rodman.

Yes, I’ve heard the funny stories, read articles, stalked the wiki, but I had never actually watched him play until a few days ago. Boy have I been missing OUT.

Everybody hates Dennis the Menace. Well, not everyone, but you know what I mean. He always created such a rival atmosphere, and took advantage of it by enjoying every second. He was almost like the Lebron James of that time. You’ve got the die hard fans, but with that comes the OH MY GOSH I HATE DENNIS RODMAN club. Personally, I friggin’ love him.  Specifically pointed out for his amazing defensive and rebounding skills, he is arguably the best rebounding forward in NBA history. I agree wholeheartedly.

In June of 1997, during the playoffs, Rodman was fined the largest fine from the NBA of time that because made a comment about Mormons. It’s funny because I’m Mormon…hah. Wild thang.

Now “Worm” is one of my favourite players of all time to watch. From his ever-changing hair to his hilarious altercations, it’s never the same old-same old to watch him play. I’ll definitely be rolling the tapes as much as I can, because Dennis Rodmans don’t come around that often. And when they do, you’ll wanna be watchin’ ’em.

peace, college trips, & psychotic hair,


One day you’ll turn on the ESPYs and see my face.

The ESPYs. My favourite thing ever. Celebrating the best of sports throughout the entire year. My absolute dream would to be an presenter or producer or even the host of the ESPYs. One day, one day.

Blake Griffin won the best breakthrough athlete. Is that such a shocker? Not really. Out of the other nominees Blake was definitely the most well known-and let’s face it- the BEST.

Kemba Walker was a nominee for best championship performance. I thought he should have won but hey, I’m biased.

HAHAHAAHA ”I’m Blake Griffin, and during the NBA lockout I’ll help you reach the top shelf.” ”And if you need clerical work done, look no further than Ron Artest.”

Best Male College Athlete: JIMMER BABY! He said thanks to his girlfriend…that’s dumb. They’re totally getting married, whatever. I’m over it. *sob sob sob* I’m totally not over it.

Dirk Nowitski won Best Male Athlete! Rock on Dirk, we love you and it was such an awesome thing to watch his team stand up for him. You can tell they all work together like no other team, it’s great. And that’s why the Mavs won Best Team!

Serena Williams’ butt is HUGE. She is so cool.

PS- the K-Swiss commercial ended with me on the floor laughing like a freak.

peace, I love the ESPYs, & ipad-ing it up,


Funny story… I’m a freak.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the rec center that is close to our house here in Utah, and my little sister came with to shoot hoops and help me practice by getting my rebounds. We had been there for about half an hour, and a bunch of other guys had started filling up the various courts. A huge guy (he actually looked like a younger version of Jeff Green) came up to me and was like “Hey do you wanna play four on four with us?” and I said “Sure!”

So naturally we got talking, and he motions over to my little sister and goes “Is that yo’ baby girl?” and I’m like “Well she’s actually my sister!” and laughed nervously. Then he goes


Ahh freak. Why does this happen to me. Awky awk.

Something else that is SO weird: Today I noticed that every time I make a lay up, I hold my breath until I come back from the shot then let out a weird breath sound. It’s just…weird. Weird weird weird. I hope no one else notices because it’s freaking me OUT.

Just to add to the weirdness factor of this post, here is a shirtless, 17 year old Lebron James in a cornfield.

peace, shirtless Lebron pictures & people thinking you’re engaged,


I’m Switzerland.

Jimmer is now kickin’ it with the Kings. Was I let down? Ehhh, naw. I think I’m neutral…like Switzerland. It could have been better, but it could have been much worse! And 10th pick? Not too shabby, Jimmer, not too shabby. I think it’ll be good for him to start his career with Sacramento, and I’m betting that sooner or later he’ll be traded to the Jazz. They’d be dumb in the head if they didn’t at least try to get him- he’d be a freaking cash cow for ticket sales in Utah. I was hoping maybe the Knicks would pick him up (It would be heaven to watch him and Amare Stoudmire kick it up) but that was waayyyyyyyy far fetched for him. But at least he’ll be playing with Tyreke Evans who is pretty good, and I like him anyways. Looks like I’ll be watching more Kings ball than I ever have…ever.

Good luck Jimmer baby!

The drafts this year….I can’t even put into words. It was just weird/funny/freaky/interesting/good/weird/ehhh/different. I don’t even know. Once again not thrilled, but not totally bummed either. I took notes on the first 20 picks then after that I just sat there and pondered about what had just happened.

Here are a couple of things I noticed:

1) I nailed it on the whole Cleveland- Kyrie love affair. Called it. Well, that was an easy guess, hah…

2) I kinda thought Kemba would be an earlier pick, but being #8 and now hitting it with the Bobcats isn’t too bad.

3) DUDE. What was the deal with the junkload of international imports?! Not that it bothers me, but I hadn’t heard too much about these players until I actually saw them pick up their hats. I found that totally out of wack. In the first 7 picks, FOUR of them were imported. What the.

4) What the freak is with Bismack Biyombo from the Congo?! He’s “ALLEGEDLY” 18, weighs 243 pounds, is 6″9 ft and has a wingspan of 7″7 ft. He’s not 18. Whatevs.

5) HAHAHAH half the international players could barely speak english. I was lol-ing hardcore. If you’re going to come to our country and make craploads playing ball, you might as well speak good English. Get some Rosetta Stone or something, I don’t know.

6) The top picks were generally tall, and HEAVY. Like, the give or take 240 lbs range. Impressive.

Not to mention, predictions this year were way off. Check out the stats from the mockdrafts:

#1 – Kyrie Irving – 12/12. (okay but this one was easy)
#2 – Derrick Williams – 11/12
#3 – Enes Kanter – 9/12
#4 – Tristan Thompson – 1/12
#5 – Jonas Valanciunas – 0/12
#6 – Jan Vesely – 8/12
#7 – Bismack Biyombo – 1/12
#8 – Brandon Knight – 0/12
#9 – Kemba Walker – 2/12
#10 – Jimmer Fredette – 2/12

So we’ll see how it all pans out. Interesting, huh? And here’s a picture of me mocking my 13 year old sister just for the fun of it.

peace, my basketball binder is breaking & July heat,