The 2011 NBA draft. IT’S ALMOST HERE.

There are two reasons why I can’t wait for this year’s drafts (well, probably more, but these two cover a fair amount):

1) I can’t wait to see where Jimmer goes (you should have already guess this one)

2) A bunch of teams need re-working (ex. Cavs, Lakers, Celtics…the list goes on and on this season)

Y’all, the anticipation is KILLING ME.

Let’s start with the obvious: Cleveland has the first pick and it’s almost dead-on that they’re going to snatch up point guard Kyrie Irving (Duke) or forward Derrick Williams (Arizona). I say out of all of the potential prospects, Derrick Williams is most qualified for being in the NBA. For him there’s no “do you think he will go bust?” but more like “what kind of playmaker will he be?”

Then you’ve got the rest of the teams that need mega re-working. Perfect example: Lakers. Kobe has been… frankly horrible the past few months. He can’t be the one to pick everyone up and continue being the star player. He needs help. While the lakers have invested in size, the rest of the NBA has become more focused on speed and skill, leaving the Lakers in the dust- as seen by their playoffs this year.

Speaking of which, Kobe sucked during the playoffs. He really, truly sucked. You could quickly claim “he just had a bad streak!” but let’s just be honest here: Kobe’s legacy is taking a hit. It seems as if Lebron is stealing his thunder…

Just you wait- as soon as Lebron gets a ring (which I pray never happens) he’ll be crashing Kobe’s best player on the planet club, and everyone knows it. James has already topped Kobe on the NBA jersey sales. “He’s the best passing guard at his size since Magic,” Doc Rivers has said.

But anywhoozle, the drafts. To be honest, I think the unpredictable season we just had will be followed up with an unpredictable draft. I don’t think there are too many assumptions to be made that are totally dead-on. We’ve got a crap load of talent, I’ll give you that, but who knows what the future holds? All I know is I’ll be watching Kawhi Leonard, Jimmer, Derrick Williams, Brandon Knight, Jordan Hamilton, Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving like a freaking hawk.

I. can’t. wait.

This thursday. Be there or be square.

peace, sunshine, & TWO MORE DAYS!!!


PS- I had to fling in a picture of Jimmer just to make this post that much better.

PPS- This is one of the funniest sports blogs I have ever seen. CLICK IT. NOW. I swear you will thank me later.


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