As you have probably heard… THE MAVS TOOK IT, BABY!

For the first time in the history of the Dallas Mavericks’ entire franchise, they are number one in the NBA. Number one. Do you know how incredible that is?

In 1979 the rights for an NBA franchise were brought to Dallas, and that was the start of the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs have been in the NBA for thirty two seasons and they just won their first batch of championship rings. It’s kind of a big deal. HUGE deal in fact.

This was most definitely my favourite game out of the entire playoffs and not because Dirk lit it up- because he really didn’t even score that much (let’s just be honest here, he kind of sucked from the field first and second Q). But the entire team pulled together and everybody worked hard to get at least a few rockin’ plays in. Terry and Barea especially. And what a way for hall of famer Jason Kidd to wrap things up!

It was a really interesting game that kept me on my toes- but I had that feeling inside that was telling me that Dallas would pull through. And guess what? They did.

Oh PS- Did you hear, Apple is releasing a new LeBron James iPhone that only vibrates, because it has no ring. 😉 suck it lebron better luck next time?

As much as I love Miami (minus Lebron obviously) and Wade, I’m ecstatic that the Mavs won. They really did deserve it and this team showed the NBA that size and age doesn’t matter as much as everyone says it does. Yeah, they have three players that are abnormally short. Yeah, they’ve got some oldies. But they’re golden oldies, and short studs. I am thoroughly impressed, Dallas.

peace, the drafts are soon & the Dallas Mavericks rock ❤,



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