The time is NOWitzki! Not NowLebron. That just doesn’t work.

Super Mini-Recap:

Dwayne goes out from big bump with Cardinal. Didn’t really notice he was gone though, Sorry Wade.

– GREAT start for Dallas, ahead most of the time, & Chandler throwing it down like a beast. He’s really picking it up and the crowd is getting loud.

– I kind of felt like Chalmers & Chandler were sort of in a mini-competition; maybe it’s just the ‘Ch-‘ thing that is getting to me.

– Halftime goes to Dallas with 60:57, this game is already set out for being the highest scoring one in the finals so far. 66%? Nice, Mavs! Spoelstra is pissed.

– Rainbow shots by Dirk….b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

– JJ Barea throwing down the threes, great game for him.

– You can tell Miami is trying hard and is really picking it up, Wade & Bosh high rollin’ for a bit.

– Okay where it really started getting interesting was the last 5 minutes of the 4th Q when Dallas took it back from Miami’s lead. SO many great plays from Dirky Dirk (of course), Terry and Kidd both drillin’ & scrillin’ a three, baby! Man, Kidd still has great game for being 38.

Final: 112-103 Dallas. WHAT. A. FREAKING. GAME.

LeBron James NBA Finals

Aw, cute. Lebron looks so happy in this picture. Not so happy anymore, huh Lebron?! MUAHAHAHHAH my life rocks

peace, ellipticals & beatin’ the heat,



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