Let’s try something new.

AP blog from Game 4 of the NBA finals

I can’t believe this guy. As soon as this popped up on the AP from tonights game I knew I had to have it.

Instead of taking notes on paper, then sifting through the random comments, scratches, arrows and exclamation points, I’m going to try and collect a mere few of my thoughts in a post whilst I watch the game (and eat popcorn- I’m a woman, I can multi-task).

Positive thoughts/comments/observations:


– Bosh really played well tonight, good for him. And of course D-Wade was amazing…

– The Mav’s defense plays tonight kept Lebron at 8 points. ROCK ON. Lebron had a bad game, that is a great thing.

– Dallas has had some nice steals, and some pretty legit plays too. They just keep steppin’ it up! And it’s great that everyone pulled together to support Dirk and work it while he was under the weather. YOU GO, GUYS!

Negative thoughts/comments/observations:

– Dirk, you’re  a little off tonight…you’ve been blocked and stripped a couple of times. GET HEALTHY.

– I really, really don’t like Miller. At all. He’s such a sensitive sissy. And I’m glad it was him that air-balled their win away at the end, he deserves embarrassment.

– Poorly coached the last few minutes…Dallas took too many dumb shots. That was just a waste. But at least Dirk saved it with a full drive to the hole (risky but he did it) at the end.




YES. DALLAS WON. Do you know the extent of how FRICKEN AWESOME THIS IS?! The last 30 seconds were played really well by Dallas. Gah. I can’t wait for game 5 on Thursday…If Dirk is his full self next game then Dallas can for sure take it.

AP blog from Game 4 of the NBA finals

See the first guy? This is how I feel right now.

Rock flippin on.

peace, popcorn, & a sick yet still awesome Dirk,



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