Y’all, these playoffs rock.

I don’t know about you but I’m lovin’ this. 1-1? Intense. I’ve been so excited about this that I’ve been taking more notes per game than I ever have… I have 2 more pages of notes after these two- hah! Seriously though, the past two games have been surprising on a bunch of different levels.

Personally, I thought Dallas was going to take game one. They didn’t. Then I thought Miami would take game two as well– I mean, they had a 15 point lead. Guess what? They lost. I’m excited for Game 3 later on today. I will have my pen in one hand and phone in the other so I can mass text my basketball-watching buddies about the latest dunk or foul. Speaking of dunks, HOLY CRAP LEBRON! As much as I hate you, props to you bro for all of those dunks in game 2. I was thoroughly impressed (wow this burns coming out of my mouth…well, fingers). However I still do hate those ridiculously stupid faces you make. You only dunked, stop acting like you saved all the starving kids in Africa. You’re cool but not that cool, honey.

One thing I noticed which I thought was interesting is the Mavs have 3 guys that are actually really short. Barea, Kidd, and Terry are all short in comparison to almost anyone in the Heat. But those three have game, and the past 2 games have really played to their advantage in the sense that they’ve all had a shining moment or so. Did you know Jason Kidd is the oldest starting point guard to ever play in the playoffs? I wonder what his fountain of youth secret is, because he’s as much of a beast now as he’s ever been.

Game one to game two was a HUGE improvement for the Mavs. Rebounding was so much better the second time around- I wrote “GET THE FREAKING REBOUNDS” like a trillion times in my notes the first game, and the second game I was quite pleased with the effort.

chrisboshostrich 164x300 Is It Weird That I Hate Chris Bosh More Than Lebron And Dwayne Wade?

This picture explains everything.

peace, a swollen lip, & I CAN’T WAIT FOR GAME THREE TODAY!



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