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The 2011 NBA draft. IT’S ALMOST HERE.

There are two reasons why I can’t wait for this year’s drafts (well, probably more, but these two cover a fair amount):

1) I can’t wait to see where Jimmer goes (you should have already guess this one)

2) A bunch of teams need re-working (ex. Cavs, Lakers, Celtics…the list goes on and on this season)

Y’all, the anticipation is KILLING ME.

Let’s start with the obvious: Cleveland has the first pick and it’s almost dead-on that they’re going to snatch up point guard Kyrie Irving (Duke) or forward Derrick Williams (Arizona). I say out of all of the potential prospects, Derrick Williams is most qualified for being in the NBA. For him there’s no “do you think he will go bust?” but more like “what kind of playmaker will he be?”

Then you’ve got the rest of the teams that need mega re-working. Perfect example: Lakers. Kobe has been… frankly horrible the past few months. He can’t be the one to pick everyone up and continue being the star player. He needs help. While the lakers have invested in size, the rest of the NBA has become more focused on speed and skill, leaving the Lakers in the dust- as seen by their playoffs this year.

Speaking of which, Kobe sucked during the playoffs. He really, truly sucked. You could quickly claim “he just had a bad streak!” but let’s just be honest here: Kobe’s legacy is taking a hit. It seems as if Lebron is stealing his thunder…

Just you wait- as soon as Lebron gets a ring (which I pray never happens) he’ll be crashing Kobe’s best player on the planet club, and everyone knows it. James has already topped Kobe on the NBA jersey sales. “He’s the best passing guard at his size since Magic,” Doc Rivers has said.

But anywhoozle, the drafts. To be honest, I think the unpredictable season we just had will be followed up with an unpredictable draft. I don’t think there are too many assumptions to be made that are totally dead-on. We’ve got a crap load of talent, I’ll give you that, but who knows what the future holds? All I know is I’ll be watching Kawhi Leonard, Jimmer, Derrick Williams, Brandon Knight, Jordan Hamilton, Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving like a freaking hawk.

I. can’t. wait.

This thursday. Be there or be square.

peace, sunshine, & TWO MORE DAYS!!!


PS- I had to fling in a picture of Jimmer just to make this post that much better.

PPS- This is one of the funniest sports blogs I have ever seen. CLICK IT. NOW. I swear you will thank me later.



As you have probably heard… THE MAVS TOOK IT, BABY!

For the first time in the history of the Dallas Mavericks’ entire franchise, they are number one in the NBA. Number one. Do you know how incredible that is?

In 1979 the rights for an NBA franchise were brought to Dallas, and that was the start of the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs have been in the NBA for thirty two seasons and they just won their first batch of championship rings. It’s kind of a big deal. HUGE deal in fact.

This was most definitely my favourite game out of the entire playoffs and not because Dirk lit it up- because he really didn’t even score that much (let’s just be honest here, he kind of sucked from the field first and second Q). But the entire team pulled together and everybody worked hard to get at least a few rockin’ plays in. Terry and Barea especially. And what a way for hall of famer Jason Kidd to wrap things up!

It was a really interesting game that kept me on my toes- but I had that feeling inside that was telling me that Dallas would pull through. And guess what? They did.

Oh PS- Did you hear, Apple is releasing a new LeBron James iPhone that only vibrates, because it has no ring. 😉 suck it lebron better luck next time?

As much as I love Miami (minus Lebron obviously) and Wade, I’m ecstatic that the Mavs won. They really did deserve it and this team showed the NBA that size and age doesn’t matter as much as everyone says it does. Yeah, they have three players that are abnormally short. Yeah, they’ve got some oldies. But they’re golden oldies, and short studs. I am thoroughly impressed, Dallas.

peace, the drafts are soon & the Dallas Mavericks rock ❤,



The time is NOWitzki! Not NowLebron. That just doesn’t work.

Super Mini-Recap:

Dwayne goes out from big bump with Cardinal. Didn’t really notice he was gone though, Sorry Wade.

– GREAT start for Dallas, ahead most of the time, & Chandler throwing it down like a beast. He’s really picking it up and the crowd is getting loud.

– I kind of felt like Chalmers & Chandler were sort of in a mini-competition; maybe it’s just the ‘Ch-‘ thing that is getting to me.

– Halftime goes to Dallas with 60:57, this game is already set out for being the highest scoring one in the finals so far. 66%? Nice, Mavs! Spoelstra is pissed.

– Rainbow shots by Dirk….b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

– JJ Barea throwing down the threes, great game for him.

– You can tell Miami is trying hard and is really picking it up, Wade & Bosh high rollin’ for a bit.

– Okay where it really started getting interesting was the last 5 minutes of the 4th Q when Dallas took it back from Miami’s lead. SO many great plays from Dirky Dirk (of course), Terry and Kidd both drillin’ & scrillin’ a three, baby! Man, Kidd still has great game for being 38.

Final: 112-103 Dallas. WHAT. A. FREAKING. GAME.

LeBron James NBA Finals

Aw, cute. Lebron looks so happy in this picture. Not so happy anymore, huh Lebron?! MUAHAHAHHAH my life rocks

peace, ellipticals & beatin’ the heat,


Let’s try something new.

AP blog from Game 4 of the NBA finals

I can’t believe this guy. As soon as this popped up on the AP from tonights game I knew I had to have it.

Instead of taking notes on paper, then sifting through the random comments, scratches, arrows and exclamation points, I’m going to try and collect a mere few of my thoughts in a post whilst I watch the game (and eat popcorn- I’m a woman, I can multi-task).

Positive thoughts/comments/observations:


– Bosh really played well tonight, good for him. And of course D-Wade was amazing…

– The Mav’s defense plays tonight kept Lebron at 8 points. ROCK ON. Lebron had a bad game, that is a great thing.

– Dallas has had some nice steals, and some pretty legit plays too. They just keep steppin’ it up! And it’s great that everyone pulled together to support Dirk and work it while he was under the weather. YOU GO, GUYS!

Negative thoughts/comments/observations:

– Dirk, you’re  a little off tonight…you’ve been blocked and stripped a couple of times. GET HEALTHY.

– I really, really don’t like Miller. At all. He’s such a sensitive sissy. And I’m glad it was him that air-balled their win away at the end, he deserves embarrassment.

– Poorly coached the last few minutes…Dallas took too many dumb shots. That was just a waste. But at least Dirk saved it with a full drive to the hole (risky but he did it) at the end.




YES. DALLAS WON. Do you know the extent of how FRICKEN AWESOME THIS IS?! The last 30 seconds were played really well by Dallas. Gah. I can’t wait for game 5 on Thursday…If Dirk is his full self next game then Dallas can for sure take it.

AP blog from Game 4 of the NBA finals

See the first guy? This is how I feel right now.

Rock flippin on.

peace, popcorn, & a sick yet still awesome Dirk,


Y’all, these playoffs rock.

I don’t know about you but I’m lovin’ this. 1-1? Intense. I’ve been so excited about this that I’ve been taking more notes per game than I ever have… I have 2 more pages of notes after these two- hah! Seriously though, the past two games have been surprising on a bunch of different levels.

Personally, I thought Dallas was going to take game one. They didn’t. Then I thought Miami would take game two as well– I mean, they had a 15 point lead. Guess what? They lost. I’m excited for Game 3 later on today. I will have my pen in one hand and phone in the other so I can mass text my basketball-watching buddies about the latest dunk or foul. Speaking of dunks, HOLY CRAP LEBRON! As much as I hate you, props to you bro for all of those dunks in game 2. I was thoroughly impressed (wow this burns coming out of my mouth…well, fingers). However I still do hate those ridiculously stupid faces you make. You only dunked, stop acting like you saved all the starving kids in Africa. You’re cool but not that cool, honey.

One thing I noticed which I thought was interesting is the Mavs have 3 guys that are actually really short. Barea, Kidd, and Terry are all short in comparison to almost anyone in the Heat. But those three have game, and the past 2 games have really played to their advantage in the sense that they’ve all had a shining moment or so. Did you know Jason Kidd is the oldest starting point guard to ever play in the playoffs? I wonder what his fountain of youth secret is, because he’s as much of a beast now as he’s ever been.

Game one to game two was a HUGE improvement for the Mavs. Rebounding was so much better the second time around- I wrote “GET THE FREAKING REBOUNDS” like a trillion times in my notes the first game, and the second game I was quite pleased with the effort.

chrisboshostrich 164x300 Is It Weird That I Hate Chris Bosh More Than Lebron And Dwayne Wade?

This picture explains everything.

peace, a swollen lip, & I CAN’T WAIT FOR GAME THREE TODAY!