Dwighty Dwight is getting impatient?

     First of all, can I just say that Dwight Howard’s muscles are RIDICULOUSLY huge? I mean, they look seriously disproportionate in comparison to his head. Weird. But whatever floats his boat, right?

    Anyhoozle, Dwight is getting impatient. He’s letting the world know that he needs “the right teammates” and it better be soon because they need their chance to shine. Basically he’s pulling a “y’all better switch things up ASAP or I’mma bust outta here cuz I wanna ring.”   (Lakers being his #1 option) Well, maybe not exaclty that- he claims he hasn’t even considered leaving the Magic- but who knows whether or not he’ll pull a Lebron.   

    I am definitely with him on one thing though; Orlando needs a makeover.  He has been pulling a lot of the weight this whole season and you can see it’s wearing him down and he’s getting frustrated. It seems like a lot of the good teams that did well last year haven’t been so spectacular this season and a lot of them are needing some mega changes. I’m excited to see what goes down next season because things are bound to change drastically for a fair load of the NBA teams.  Like I’ve already talked about, I hope the C’s become a new team. Not to mention….


peace, tanning, & big muscles,


PS- Did you know that an estimated 70-80% of NBA players have tats?  Most of them even have personal tattoo artists. Crazy, huh?


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