Thunder AND Heat back?

So both Miami and Oklahoma city lost game 1, and they both won game 2.  I’m seriously intrigued.

First off, Miami:

Miami lost their first game by 21 points and won their second by 10. Kinda cool, eh? First game, everyone- especially Lebron and Wade- was way off track in every way, shape, and form. During game 1, after the first 38 seconds it was just downhill from there. But game 2 was a totally different story (thank heavens). First quarter the Bulls missed tooooooo many shots; I dunno if it was just bad luck or what, but it was a bad start all around. They picked it up 2nd and 3rd quarter, then slacked and lost it 4th quarter.  Interesting game though.

Can I just add one thing? I love Derrick Rose.

Oklahoma City:

During game two it was nice to see them be a real team, because Westbrook struggled yet again and everyone else worked hard to step things up a notch. Westbrook was ticked once he was benched though. Maynor, Durant, and Harden did a really great job moving it fast with a 55.7% from the field which isn’t too bad. Favourite quote from the night:

“We was winning.”-Westbrook (repeated several times to the press)

Okay come on now, honey…you’re a grown man.  PLEASE, please PLEASE be grammatically correct.

This picture makes me giggle.

peace, math quizzes, & playoff comebacks,



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