On the offensive front, Dirk takes the cake out of everyone’s hands in the NBA.  You want proof, you say? LAST FREAKING NIGHT! Go watch the highlights. It was insane.

Nowitzki scored 48 points on 15 shots with the Mavericks (winning over OKC game one west. conference). I felt like I was watching MJ all over again.

No one has scored over 45 points in a playoff game taking less than 20 shots since 1987. And his shooting percentage? 93.9. Highest in NBA Playoff history by a fair amount. I’m not gonna lie, I never paid much attention to Nowitzki at all before this but now that I’ve watched him wreck the court like he did last night, I’m freaking out.  I’m excited for game 2 to see the tactics OKC uses to try and stop him because there’s really not much they can do at this point. He’s just too clever, too quick, too efficient, too accurate…too good.

Not to mention, he had Serge Ibaka;s 7-foot-4 wingspan all up in his grills and still made it. Impressive, to say the least.

Poor Durant, I don’t think he even knew what to do. He tried his best and did score a fair amount, but I think he was frustrated (which is completely understandable) with not being able to contain Nowitzki. However, I do have to say that the refs called some fouls that were just dumb and that cost Oklahoma a fair amount of points.

But even so, Dirk’s performance was overall outrageously phenomenal. Dirk, you have a new biggest fan.

peace, long hair, & big germans,



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