The Starting Line

“Lauren, I swear you are half-man.”

All I can think is “Um, excuse me?” as I whip my head around and stare at my sister in disbelief.  I wonder why on EARTH she would say that, I mean, I’m wearing a skirt and my nails are painted a hot red. Then I look down at my lap…

SLAM magazine? Thought so.

Why do people automatically assume that solely because you’re a chick you don’t like (nor understand for that matter) the sports world? I just don’t get it. You open your mouth and say one thing about a player you love/despise/wish would be traded somewhere else and the guy has to give you a double  take.

Whaaaaaaaaaaat? She’s a… a… a SHE?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s gotten better.  In fact, I’m getting less and less weird looks when I have my outbursts of “DID YOU SEE THE GAME LAST NIGHT?!” But I’ve learned to embrace the weird looks- because seriously, who cares? You like what you like, and no one can make you un-like what you really like, right? Right.

Yes, girls think it’s weird that I like this kind of stuff. Yes, even my friends and family think it’s weird that I like this kind of stuff. Yes, boys probably think there is something odd about it too. But you know what?

I like what I like and no one can make me un-like what I really like.

So that’s my little pre-game pep talk to remind me why I’m really doing this.

peace, cookies & writing about what you love,


PS- The picture is one of my favourite pictures of all time, Wilt (the Stilt) Chamberlain. He never played less than 40 mins PG and average rest 6 seconds PG his entire career (all 14 seasons of it!), impressive huh?


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